O2 Delivery Systems

Breathe Deep

Enjoy greater clarity of mind, faster recovery from exercise, improved digestion, a better overall mood, and better sleep with oxygen enhancement. Sections of your home, specific rooms or individualized areas can be converted into oxygen rich environments. These environments promote health, wellbeing and a clearer mind as well as enabling you to sleep more soundly so you can wake refreshed, ready to take on the mountain.

Acclimating to less oxygen at high altitude can be challenging. Altitude sickness can occur at as low as 6,000 feet. Headaches, fatigue, overall malaise and irritability, digestive upset and trouble sleeping occur when your body is struggling to become accustomed to lower oxygen levels. These symptoms can cause slowed physical and mental performance and can be unwelcome guests for your time at higher altitudes.

Simple & Safe
One or Multiple Rooms
Improved Sleep
Higher Focus & Energy

Make Your Home Smart

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