Breathe Easy: Oxygen Enriched Environments at Altitude

The Challenges of Altitude

Acclimating to less oxygen at high altitudes can be challenging. Headaches, fatigue, overall malaise and irritability, digestive upset and trouble sleeping occur when your body is struggling to become accustomed to lower oxygen levels. These symptoms can cause slowed physical and mental performance and can be unwelcome guests for your time at higher elevations.

The Biology of Oxygen

Your lungs and then red blood cells carry powerful oxygen molecules through your body allowing your cells to obtain energy and function properly. Oxygen molecules that are abundant at sea level become much scarcer as you climb in elevation and this scarcity can start significantly affecting people at as low as 6,000 feet. Our biological, basic need for oxygen is impared as we travel higher in altitude causing Altitude Sickness. Most cases of Altitude Sickness occur over 8,000 ft and most mountain ski resort towns have 30% less oxygen than at sea-level. Oxygen is essential to life.

Oxygen Enriched Environments

Enjoy greater clarity of mind, faster recovery from exercise, improved digestion, a better overall mood and better sleep with Oxygen Enriched Environments. Sections of your home, specific rooms or individualized areas can be converted into oxygen rich environments. These environments promote health, wellbeing and a clearer mind as well as enabling you to sleep more soundly so you can wake refreshed, ready to take on the mountain!



Experience your favorite music and video in just one room or throughout your entire house. Whether you are looking for a media room or a whole house audio system we can help you sort through the many options to come up with the solution that is right for your family.

Media Room – Dedicated Theater – House Audio – Simple Control

Lighting & Shades


Automated lighting and shading solutions enhance your lifestyle, improve your comfort and add convenience. You can easily control lights and shades throughout the house with the single touch of a button, with automated schedules or right from your mobile device.

Smart lighting can be easily installed during construction or in a retrofit application.

Comfort & Convenience


Working with technology has never been so easy. Use simple voice commands to change the temperature, activate lighting scenes, lock the front door or arm the security system. With remote notifications you can stay in the know about what is happening at your house when your not there. Use alerts for temperature, door locks, garage door or about anything you want to keep track of.

Safety & Security


Smarter home security starts here. By connecting key devices in your home you can keep an eye on things whether you are home or away. Each system is designed and built specifically to your home and your needs. Connect your locks, lights, thermostats and cameras to provide complete peace of mind to you and your family.

Wake up to your favorite playlist, let the shades rise with the morning sun, adjust the temperature to the perfect level all automatically. At work, receive a notification when the kids arrive home from school. Use a simple voice command to dim the lights, queue the movie, and relax with the family after dinner. Tap a single button to lock the doors, turn of the lights, and set your alarm as you turn in for the night. When everything works together, life is better – it’s that simple.

We can deliver peace of mind, comfort, convenience, and a whole lot of wow. With multiple options to choose from, we can provide smart living experience personalized to your home and budget.


Smart Home – Simplified

Are you looking to build an entertainment space, but don’t want to do a dedicated home theater space? Then a multi purpose media room is the right choice. Our team will guide you through all the options to make sure you get the best experience possible with the room design.

Turn your favorite space into the gathering place to watch a movie, sports, shows or listen to some great music.

Media Rooms

Dedicated space for a theater room creates the ultimate entertainment space. With large format screens and full surround sound systems you can experience movies and music like never before. Using all the latest in audio and video technology we can create a jaw-dropping experience on almost any budget.

Audio/Video Equipment – Seating – Acoustic Treatments – Room Design – System Calibration

Theater Rooms

Music is an important part of our lives. Now you can have music anywhere you want any time you want. Immerse yourself in music while preparing dinner, entertaining guests, getting a sweat on in your home gym, or just relaxing with a glass of wine on the patio.

Whether you’re a casual listener, audio enthusiast, or an audiophile, you should love the way your music sounds. We have multiple options to fit your budget and listening preferences.


Music Everywhere

The demands on a home network continue to increase in today’s connected world. It’s more important than ever to have a high-quality, high-performance home network. Don’t settle for less.

We design networks specifically for your connected home so everything works at all times. Your network traffic is prioritized so your experience is reliable and dependable. Email and internet searches won’t be interrupted while someone is streaming movies or music.

Data Network & WiFi

Our team of professional service technicians are “At Your Service”. We believe in a service experience that puts you first!

  • Rapid Response – Get a response from the tech support team in as little as 10 minutes.
  • 24/7 Access – Reach a service technician at anytime to begin remote troubleshooting.
  • Evenings & Weekends – We will come onsite nights and weekends to quickly resolve the issue.
  • System Monitoring – We are able to proactively monitor the health of your system.

Smart Care Services