Safety & Security

Protect What Matters Most

Smarter home security starts here. By connecting key devices in your home you can monitor things whether you are home or away. Each system is designed and built specifically to your home and your needs. Connect your locks, lights, shades, thermostats and cameras to provide complete peace of mind to you and your family.

Security Cameras
Alarm Systems
Remote Notifications
Peace of Mind

Burglar Alarm

Create a layer of protection for those vulnerable areas with smart sensors so you never have to wonder if things are secure.

Door & Window Sensors – receive alerts when doors or windows are open. If the system is armed, alarms will sound and the authorities notified for professional assistance in the instance of an emergency.

Motion Sensors – any unexpected movement will sound an alarm and notify the monitoring center to ensure safety and security. When you are at home, motion sensors can communicate with thermostats or lights to keep everyone comfortable.

Glass Break Sensors – if a window breaks you will know it and so will the monitoring team.

Environmental Protection

Who is watching your place when you aren’t there? Environmental sensors can protect you from unseen hazards like frozen pipes, water leaks, smoke, carbon monoxide or even combustible gas. Well placed smart sensors can let you know when things aren’t quite right so something can be done before there is a problem.

Water Sensors – Low Temperature – Smoke – Combustible Gas – Carbon Monoxide

Video Cameras

Video cameras provide peace of mind and keep you connected. Smart cameras allow you to receive video clips when someone unlocks the front door, disarms the security system, or an alarm goes off. Now that’s smart!

Video doorbells give you the ability to see and communicate with someone at the front door from anywhere.

Video analytics can distinguish between people and animals or vehicles providing better awareness of your surroundings. Get notifications and video clips when a car pulls in the driveway or someone is lingering around your property.

Live Video – Video Clips – Continuous Recording – Video Doorbells

Door Locks

Easily manage access to your property with control of door locks and garage doors.

Smarter Locks – create unique user codes and set schedules when codes can be active limiting access by user and time. Codes can be created disabled at anytime eliminating the need to change or re-key locks.

Garage Doors – remotely open/close garage doors or receive notification if it was left open

Remote Control – No you can lock/unlock doors or open/close your garage door from your app. Let visitors or contractors in without being there.

Health & Wellness

More than just an alarm button. Wellness solutions, powered by Alarm.com, offer a secure cost-effective option for independent living with safety, security and comfort.

Activity Patterns – understand activity patterns and receive alerts if there is something out of the ordinary.

Awareness – make sure that your loved one is getting up and around preventing sedentary behaviors.

Real Time Alerts – receive notifications if loved one is wandering around or opens the front door at odd hours.

Security & Automation – simplify daily routines with automated temperature, light and security settings they don’t have to remember to turn the lights off or lock the door.

Smart Care Services

Our team of professional service technicians are “At Your Service”. We believe in a service experience that puts you first!

Rapid Response – Get a response from the tech support team in as little as 10 minutes.
24/7 Access – Reach a service technician at anytime to begin remote troubleshooting.
Evenings & Weekends – We will come onsite nights and weekends to quickly resolve the issue.
System Monitoring – We are able to proactively monitor the health of your system.

Make Your Home Smart

Reach out to learn more about how we will help you create the comprehensive smart home experience you desire. Let us know how we can serve you!