Billings Residence

High tech house with all the amenities. The owner wanted all the latest technology for a fully integrated smart home to compliment all the fine finishes. Architectural lighting elements, elegant shading solutions, and finely detailed mill work all come together to showcase this home and simplify its operation.


  • Video displays and high-end speakers were to be integrated into the mill work
  • Audio everywhere through the house with access to personal music collections
  • Landscape audio system around the pool area
  • Outdoor video display for the pool
  • Integrated HVAC and pool controls
  • High-tech security system with smart cameras to alert on motion in specific areas of yard
  • Media & Entertainment room
  • Whole house lighting control also incorporating all the landscape features
  • Motorized window treatments throughout integrated into the mill work

Entertaining was a key element to this project and with multiple “Fun” spaces this home reliability and ease of use dictated system design. To provide a fully integrated home with remote access, simple to use entertainment spaces, and system reliability, Control4 and Lutron were specified for this application. Requirements: Audio in all areas of the […]


Simplicity and usability were the primary drivers on this project. This ranch owner required video displays in almost every room including a hidden TV behind the mirror in the master bath. Along with the video displays, quality audio in every room was also requested. To get this accomplished, a simple Control4 distributed system was deployed. […]


With a very modern floor plan and design using concrete, steel and glass as the building materials, this project created a host of unique obstacles. Preplanning for wiring, conduit and device locations was critical to success. The minimalist approach required a limited number of control locations, completely hidden video cameras and shades, integrated landscape sound […]